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Brookwood Buzz

Another busy and exciting week at Brookwood is in the books! Upper School students have been immersed in a wide variety of courses for Steep Week (pictured above). Over the past five days, 6th, 7th and 8th graders have been visiting destinations near and far and reflecting deeply as they dive into experiential and interdisciplinary learning of... Read more »
Vocabulary in the Lower School has recently expanded to include words such as barbaloots, thneeds, gricklegrass, snergelly, snuvv and gruvvulous glove! Our annual spring production of the K/1 musical celebrates student ownership as children make decisions, collaborate and take on leadership responsibilities. Students have a voice in... Read more »
From Backyard Growers in Gloucester to the REAL Program in Lynn, our Community Day of Service was an opportunity to give back to our local communities while strengthening relationships with fellow Brookwood families. Thank you to the many parents and children who committed their time and energy last weekend, and to our Parents' Association for... Read more »
These final weeks of May are full of exciting exploration and warming temperatures. From 1st grade service learning projects at Wellspring (pictured above) to 5th grade historic adventures in Lexington, Concord and Ipswich, students are embracing outdoor activities steeped in dynamic learning.
Fourth and fifth graders proudly presented their rendition of "Newsies" at School Meeting this morning amidst cheers and applause. The performance included the entire Middle School, featuring choreographed song and dance, and costumes the students created themselves. Additionally, the fifth graders have been studying this exact time period in their... Read more »
Our Spring Book Fair launches today! Pictured below, first and sixth graders make some hard decisions as they decide what books to add to their personal libraries. Thank you to the Parents' Association for their volunteer efforts in planning and coordinating this bi-annual event.